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9/23/2017 - Princesses are magical

Hello, everybody! I'm writing this post from my mom's basement using a sub-par wireless connection! :D

Needless to say, I've been off the radar for quite a while now. While I can't promise (nor expect that you desire) that that will be any different in the foreseeable future, I decided to update the site at long last. I don't know why, though. Games are awful, the internet is boring, and the virtual future is bleak. I've been reduced to playing The Sims 3 on two Radeon 6770s in CrossFire.

The twentieth annivesary of Ultima Online was yesterday. I have mixed feelings about it. While it is neat that my definitive childhood game is still around after two decades, it is depressing that it has such a small playerbase. The last time that I tried a fourteen-day free trial on the pay-to-play servers, I found fifteen housing spots within seconds of leaving Britain. Considering the fact that it is no longer the game that I loved, it would almost be better for it to die. Even the free private servers for Ultima Online have lost their magic. I often struggle to determine, however, whether it is the game that has changed or if I have simply changed.

Since magical games are a dying dead breed and my enthusiasm for the internet is waning, I have no idea what the future will hold for this site. Maybe I'll use it as a place to lament the death of decent PC gaming for all of eternity.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! :3

<3 MeowsePad
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