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12/11/2018 - Arcanum Essentials Pack

I finally took the time to create a page about my compilation of various official and fan-created content for Arcanum. It's worth a look for anyone who loves the game as much as I do. It can be accessed here. Have a great week, everybody!

<3 Princess MeowsePad

12/8/2018 - Welcome back! is back online! While the old site got a little fancy with its design, this version of the site is all about getting back to the basics. We're going full-on 1997 here, folks.

I had a brief stint where I ran a couple of forums, but forums are very frustrating and just not worth the effort to run anymore (at least for me). I still participate in forums here and there, but I think that I'm done running them for the foreseeable future. This website is much easier to run; not only is it easier to maintain, but it is also much less pressure. I can sort of update it when I feel like it and not have to worry about generating new content every single day.

That being said, I am planning to add much more content to this site that was not present in the past. I will be adding my various tutorials and downloads for Ultima Online and Arcanum. I will also be using this as a home for my miscellaneous content and as a sort of memorial to the era that I love the most.

Feel free to join our Discord community. It's not the most active in the world, but we're friends who are there for each other. We always love having new people to chat with. You can also check me out on Twitch or YouTube, but I have not been the most active there lately. I have a Twitter account, but I use it for little other than advertising my various projects.

That's all I have for right now. Take care everyone! Have a wonderful remainder of the weekend. :3

<3 Princess MeowsePad

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