My brother and I were talking today, and we decided that if we could resurrect any defunct HTML tag, it would definitely be the blink tag. For those of you who do not know, the blink HTML tag would cause text to flash slowly. The blink tag was probably my favorite HTML tag back in the day, just edging out marquee. I lie awake at night hoping that when I open MSN.com the next morning, there will be an announcement that the blink tag has been resurrected from the dead!

It is simply a crime against humanity that the blink tag was removed. Aside maybe from Rocket Power, there is nothing more '90s than the blink tag. I'm actually considering switching my default browser to Netscape 4 so that I can witness the blink tag in its full glory once again. Netscape 4 is actually a very secure browser anyway. I would use it for my banking without hesitation.

Soon, my brother and I will be starting a Change.org petition to restore blink to its rightful glory! I'm sure that it will have the most signatures of any Change.org petition within a few hours. Who wouldn't want to resurrect such an attractive and elegant HTML tag?! I'm sure that the petition will attract the attention of President Donald J. Trump himself, and he will immediately sign an executive order to reinstitute the blink tag immediately. If he won't, I'm sure Mad Dog Mattis will. Do you think that the terrorists would be able to steal data if the CIA used the blink tag in all of their classified documents?

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