Princess MeowsePad's Links

Great sites:

ImaNewbie Does Britannia: This is a web comic based on my all-time favorite video game, Ultima Online. The nostalgia on this site is off the charts! It was just resurrected in 2016 after a long spell of downtime. Check it out sooner rather than later in case it goes down again!

Ultima Online Forever: This is the largest Ultima Online private server at the time that I am writing this. While it does have a wide variety of problems that will likely be the subject of numerous rants on the front page of this site, it has lasted longer than all of the other private servers out there because of some very compelling features and an oldschool feel. Check it out if you want the true Ultima Online experience.

Terra-Arcanum: This is the best fansite for my favorite single-player CRPG of all time, Arcanum. The main page is currently undergoing a lengthy revamping process, but it was very rich in content when it was available for viewing. They also have a forum, which I will discuss below.

Forums that I visit:

ForumCoin: This is a forum run by my good friends Fergal and CyberFreak. I am currently serving as a moderator. It started as a promotion forum of sorts, but now it is more of a general discussion community with emphasis on making money online. It has very little drama and plenty of nice people, and you can even make money from posting!

The House of Lords: This is the forum associated with Terra-Arcanum. It is a great source of information on Arcanum and other games developed by Troika. However, I must warn you that the general discussion forums are pretty rough; if you visit, I would highly recommend sticking to game-related forums. This is a lovely community that I found recently. It's a general forum with some emphasis on role-playing. It's full of nice people, and I highly recommend it if you need somewhere to hang out.

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