Welcome to the new MeowsePad.org homepage!

Since 2018, the homepage for MeowsePad.org has simply been the MeowsePad Community Forum. However, in 2020, I would like to expand the scope of MeowsePad.org beyond the community. Fear not; the community will live on and is still accessible via the menu on the left under a sub-domain. However, MeowsePad.org will serve as a hub for all of my creative projects so that I can have information about everything I am doing in one place without disturbing the flow of MeowsePad Community, as I was doing before.

I do not yet know exactly what the future will hold for this site, but I am going to begin by adding links to all of my creative content and some old humorous content that I have created over the years. While few people will probably find this very interesting, that is quite all right. If the community is what you're after, feel free to change your bookmarks and forget about this page entirely. Furthermore, I apologize if any of you are inconvenienced by this move.

I am very excited to have an actual webpage again. I hope that I can find some more amazing content to host here eventually. In the meantime, enjoy what little bit I do have to offer here.

<3 MeowsePad