About MeowsePad.org

Founded in 2019, MeowsePad.org is a community that intends to be a small, genuine, independent, unwavering jewel in stark contrast to the centralized, corporate dystopia that the Internet has become. Prior to 2007, it was very common to see small, independent communities run by regular people. In other words, the Internet was much more decentralized. After 2007, social media owned by mega-corporations like Google and Amazon began taking over the Internet and killing the small communities. The result is that Internet activity is now concentrated in a very small selection of sites controlled by just a few entities. As such, these entities are able to exercise a great amount of control over what you see on the Internet. Our goal is to relive the golden age of the Internet, even if it is on a much smaller scale.

MeowsePad.org is a discussion community at its core that takes a "project-based" approach to content creation. As such, you will find a wide variety of content here. If you find yourself wanting content that is not currently available, you are welcome to suggest a new project. Under the right circumstances, you may even find yourself leading said project.

Our guiding principles are freedom, kindness, transparency, and fun. Join our community today to become part of our movement. Together, we can return to the days when the Internet was actually enjoyable.