Disclaimer: I have been told that the Multiverse Edition contains much of the content included in this pack and also includes bug fixes that are not available elsewhere. Although I believe that offering the content separately gives users more freedom than packaging it all together beforehand, I would be remiss not to mention it. I will continue to work on this pack not only to make things easier to navigate for others but also as a way to keep all the content together for myself as I continue to enjoy this game almost two decades after its release.

28 December 2019: AEP 1.5.1 has been released, which made some minor adjustments to documentation to reflect changes on MeowsePad.org.
13 November 2019: AEP 1.5 has been released, which now includes the DXWrapper by ElishaCloud.
9 October 2019: AEP 1.4 has been released! It now includes UAP 1.5.1.
23 February 2019: AEP 1.3 has been released! It includes some additional modules and the high-quality MP3 soundtrack (previously only the WAV soundtrack was available, so the MP3 is an option if you are concerned about disk space). We also now have the basic version that contains only the minimum required to get Arcanum working well on modern operating systems. If you have the disk space, go for the full version.

1.5.1 (Full)
1.5.1b (Basic)

1.5 (Full)
1.5b (Basic)
1.4 (Full)
1.4b (Basic)

For help with installation, please consult the latest version of the Ultimate Arcanum Windows 10 Tutorial.

This pack is a large compilation of various official and fan-created content released over the years. I created this compilation because I received numerous requests on my Windows 10 Arcanum tutorial to offer downloads since many of the websites currently hosting Arcanum content have a tendency to go down periodically.

ALL content in this pack is the property of its original authors. Where possible, each item contains its original readme and documentation.


Official patch by Troika
Unofficial Arcanum Patch 1.5.1 by Drog Black Tooth
High Resolution Patch 1.5 by Drog Black Tooth (The High Resolution Patch is now included by default in the UAP, but AEP Full still includes the patch for use with A:WIP.)
DXWrapper by ElishaCloud
Arcanum Universal Level Cap Patch v0.2 by Alqualos (Edited by MeowsePad in 2018)
Arcanum Work in Progress 6.0 by rroyo
Car Arcanum by Chris Beddoes
Follower Editor by Drog Black Tooth
Lossless OST and HQ Music Patch by Drog Black Tooth (Compositions by Ben Houge)
High Quality MP3 OST by Drog Black Tooth (Compositions by Ben Houge)
Arcanum Module Making Tutorial by DarkUnderlord
Arcanum Undat Tool by The Mod Squad
Arcanun by Amitiu
DATBuilder (author unknown)
DBMaker by Troika
WorldEd and SockMonkey ScrMaker by Troika
Additional modules by various authors (readme files included where available)

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