Good ideas in not so good games

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Good ideas in not so good games

Post by slooroo » 2 weeks ago

So this topic has been rolling around in my head for a couple days and it's one I like debating with myself about. Often times games that were only meh or worse than meh had cool ideas. I like trying to figure out what I liked and why the devs didn't make it work the way I hoped.

So one great example of this for me is Bioshock Infinite. I absolutely loved the concept of Columbia and the creation of a cult centered around Americanism with a Mormonism inspired modern day prophet. I loved that the cult had this fascinating system that valued Comstock as their prophet and saw the Founding Fathers as saints that symbolize different aspects. I even found the racism interesting and how John Wilkes Booth is considered a saint while Lincoln was depicted as demonic. Columbia itself was a really cool place in terms of design and it was a nice breath of fresh air from Rapture from 1 and 2 while still feeling uniquely Bioshock. Even the time travel stuff if done differently could've been interesting. The problem though is the game's story just ends up becoming total nonsense and what few good parts of the story like the rebels being no better than Comstock ends up ruined by the DLC that only makes the story even worse than it already was. I also didn't like that Bioshock Infinite was very linear and for whatever reason the chance to explore like 1 and 2 was removed. The cult itself too wasn't very well developed and I would've liked to have seen more in the game that expands on how the cult works, their beliefs, and so on. The combat though was fine as far as I'm concerned.

Going off that I had similar issues with Far Cry 5. I loved the concept of Eden's Gate and that Ubisoft went out of the way to hire an expert on cults to help them design a cult for the game. Joseph Seed was this perfect balance between insane and just sane enough to where you can agree with him. I liked their apocalyptic mindset and Waco-esque vibes hanging out in rural Montana waiting for nuclear disaster. Ubisoft even did an amazing job building a lot of hype with cool trailers, a novel, and even a fucking movie. Sadly though the game itself was only serviceable and while not a bad game it could've been way better and again the cult wasn't as fleshed out as I would've liked. I guess at least running around Hope County and goofing off was more possible than what Bioshock Infinite offered. Again though the actual combat and gunplay was good to me.

Going off my cult love I also want to mention Pokemon X and Y. The game isn't bad whatsoever. None of the mainline Pokemon games are BAD. That said the story to XY is a fucking mess. Game Freak attempts this weird "Who's the leader of Team Flare???" bit when it's blatantly obvious who it is two minutes into the game. Team Flare in general I liked that there was this funny apocalyptic meets a bit of a scam thing going on but Team Flare is rushed so badly and because it's not paced very well it seems like Flare comes and goes so fast I ended up thinking "Wait that's it?" Also XY lags but that wasn't remotely shocking to me. If Sword/Shield doesn't lag when it comes out I'll be shocked.

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