Letter of resignation

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Letter of resignation

Post by Deleted User 59 » 5 months ago

I doubt I want to be administrator here for much longer, in all honesty. While this is an extremely homely and cosy place and I'd rather see it grow than fail in any means possible, I don't particularly think myself being on the staff team will particularly help matters whatsoever as far as my own personal issues are concerned.

This isn't something I personally have against the community here (because I have nothing against it), it's rather something I'd assign as a personal issue. I've still got things to learn and do, mostly pertaining to my own self-mentality and such. There's things I seriously can't control still (bad habits and the like that I've had since I was a pre-teen) and I'm nearly an adult now, and I just wanted to say that I just want to take some time to mature up a bit.

Of course, there's no reason for me to leave the community itself, because this is a great and brilliant place. Plus, it's somewhat likely I will probably return as a staffer of some sort. I just don't particularly feel I'm ready to do such a thing in my current mental state, looking back at things I've done even just fairly recently.

Once I genuinely feel I am in the right frame of mind to come back to the team, I will probably take the chance. It could take quite some time, but I'm fairly certain it can happen - even if it goes towards me not learning how to self-control but how to deal with the bouts of idiocy much better than I currently do.

Thanks for reading, have a good day, and I hope you understood...

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Re: Letter of resignation

Post by Princess MeowsePad » 5 months ago

I understand, @Jamie . You are welcome to return to the staff whenever you would like. Thanks for all your help. :)
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