Early Happy Pride Month!

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Early Happy Pride Month!

Post by slooroo » 3 months ago

A lot of my childhood friends came out as gay or bi in adulthood. One I wasn't too surprised by the other did surprise me quite a bit. For whatever reason I've been a magnet for LGBT to become friends with me over my life. Late high school I joined a IRC channel for Pokemon fans and I was pretty much one of maybe two straight people. I met my two closest friends on it. One discovered his bisexuality partway through our friendship. The other is a bit of a funnier story. He used to tell me total bullshit stories all the time to attempt to troll me I guess. So one day he just randomly tells me he's ftm and I'm just like "Sure whatever" and think nothing of it. Many years later he notes it again for some reason and I go "Oh wait you were serious?" and he was like:

"You thought I was a cis dude all of these years?"


"That's both hilarious and makes me weirdly happy"

Paraphrasing a bit but the general idea of the conversation.

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Early Happy Pride Month!

Post by Juneberry » 3 months ago

That's almost like what happened when I came out to my dad...each time I figured out myself better.

"Dad, I've been hiding it from you but... I like girls."

"Wait, you thought that was a secret?"

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