Weird tech stories

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Weird tech stories

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Kaunisto wrote:
2 months ago
Our school "computer club" was that hour or two after classes couple days a week anyone could go play or fool around with computers (mostly 286 I recall). This was at age 13-16.
The teachers budgeted one game to be bought to increase interest (as if that mattered as we had dozen pirated or shareware games around). We students got to choose the game - as of course we should have a say and teachers didn't know anything about games anyway.

We got Larry 5 :D

that’d be akin to playing Conker’s Bad Fur Day in school... lol

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Weird tech stories

Post by slooroo » 2 weeks ago

A legend that spread around my middle school was if you could access the tech guy's computer you could see his secret porn collection. I have no idea if this legend is based in truth or fiction but it was kinda random.

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