Things you miss in old GSM feature phones?

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Things you miss in old GSM feature phones?

Post by Deleted User 59 » 4 months ago

For me, it's the innovation and wackiness of them back then. Feature phones were great, there was a lot of competition back then so it took a lot for developers to actually make a really usable OS under the mobile J2ME platform, and properly integrate it with features. Plus the open source community were tailored for very well back then, because well, most J2ME apps was open source or free to download, unlike now where even finding a good FTP client for iOS requires you to pay to unlock things.

As for the wackiness, there were all sorts of cool little bits that you wouldn't ever get now. Mainly down to the fact developers realised they could profit off things being closed source, free-to-use with a bunch of things evidently making you the product instead, idk, but at least on my old W810i (which when I find it, I'll talk about and take pictures of it) I can literally drag music across and it works. None of this garbage that I need to do with iOS.

Oh, and another thing I miss is the size. Nice to have a phone that isn't 7" screen size, for no reason other than to not fit in small-spanned hands and also make it harder to fit in your pocket... this is why I still have the iPhone SE, it's a 4" screen, and nothing currently exists on the market that is less than 5.5" which is still too hard to hold for me...

While I haven't really tried Android it seems it's app developers met the same fate as iOS's: pay or shove ads down your throat to annoy you into paying...

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Re: Things you miss in old GSM feature phones?

Post by Princess MeowsePad » 4 months ago

I like bigger phones honestly because I have large hands and pockets. XD
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