Relationships are useless!

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Relationships are useless!

Post by Naiwen » 2 months ago

As a sex-repulsed self-absorbed asexual aromantic, I don’t feel any sexual or romantic attractions towards anyone.

I don’t have to communicate with anyone to be happy, I’m happiest in my quietude. I don’t have to be in a relationship at all to be happy, I’m my greatest in my own company. I don’t have to have others validate me because I can do that for own self already.

It’s my autism making me this way wholly. It’s suffocating and suffering to be with anyone for me personally. If you’re happy in a relationship, fine with me, just don’t shove it down my throat. Whatever floats your boat and to each their own. To conclude, I’ve been happily single my whole life. I’ve had relationships before that that have done me more harm than good always in life.

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Relationships are useless!

Post by Deleted User 142 » 2 months ago

what about dogs though?

Seriously though, I can kinda see the benefits to being single and absolutely not desperate for something like a relationship. Saves a lot of drama lol.

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