Tips You Can Give from Your Career

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Tips You Can Give from Your Career

Post by slooroo » 1 month ago

So I thought this would be a weird but kind of fun thread. Every profession has it's secrets I think the general public either doesn't know or forgets about. So I'll give a few examples.

Heating & air related if you have a central unit in your home then you need to have it cleaned yearly. Depending on the year and model you may only need a water hose but older models especially require a special cleaner. CUT THE POWER TO THE UNIT IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THIS YOURSELF. Otherwise hire a professional to do it and it doesn't take too long and shouldn't cost an extreme amount. Why do this? Because grass, dirt, pollen, etc collects in the coils and so the unit can't breathe so your air begins to get less and less cold. It also could eventually burst a line which ends up costing WAAAAAAY more in repairs. My dad always notes it's just like a car radiator. Get it cleaned yearly and save yourself a lot of headaches down the road when you get many more years out of your unit. Window units can also be cleaned and there's special cleaner for it too. Some people don't bother with those however because window units are so cheap if they break they just toss them and get another.

Suicide hotline related I'll note that most people who called these numbers aren't suicidal. Most are usually lonely or scared and simply need someone to listen to them. That said while someone on that line is more than glad to listen there's only so much a hotline can do and will refer you to a mental health expert if needed.

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