Just in case I can help

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Just in case I can help

Post by DanTheMan » 3 months ago

Your unique skills and talents: Vast knowledge in troubleshooting and a strong willingness to learn and develop useful tools. Strong knowledge of computers (particularly Windows based systems). I know my way around most forum softwares and if I'm not familiar I poke around and find things and use my friend Google for assistance if needed. Some knowledge and experience in the web hosting industry.

Your hobbies: Playing Sims, messing with micro computers such as Raspberry Pi's and keeping up with the technology spectrum in my spare time.
Past experiences that will help guide your contributions to our community: I've moderated, administrated, owned and been a member of many community's over the years and started when I was around 12-13 years of age...so I know some stuff :P

A bit about yourself as a person: I work full time as a I.T. Professional working roughly 42 hours a week & I am also a full time husband and Dad to my newborn child. Sometimes I pickup more responsibility then I can handle and end up burned out when the pressure to get things done that are expected to be done for no pay gets way to high and unrealistic. Otherwise I tend to dedicate myself and am quite loyal but my work and family always has top priority and that sometimes means other projects get ignored.

How you would like to be contacted for an interview (e.g. Discord, forum PMs, etc.): Forum PMs would likely be best.

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Just in case I can help

Post by Princess MeowsePad » 3 months ago

Thanks for applying, Dan. I will be in touch. :)
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