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Megan's Writings

Post by Megan » 4 months ago

Just random writings. >P

I found this. I honestly don't remember writing it. XD

"The Lost Thief"
The young boy grunted as he pulled the stone door open. He glanced about, before bending down and crawling into the small doorway. Once inside, he slowly shut it behind him. He let out a sigh, then grinned. “Should be fine now!”  he thought, quite pleased. The boy then turned and continued to crawl through the dark tunnel.

The boy kept mostly quiet as he made his way down the tunnel, other then some grunts and such. Finally, after what seemed like forever he came to what seemed, the end. “Should be around here…” he thought as he felt around. His hand slipped into what felt like a handhold, and he grinned. “Found it!” he pulled at the stone, groaning as he pulled it open as he had the entrance. Slowly, it eased open and the faint night sky poured in. Grinning, he crawled out, again shutting the door behind him.

Before him was a large garden filled with all sorts of plants, and beyond a stone wall. Resisting the urge to just bolt for it, the boy slowly crept his way across, keeping himself well hidden. Finally, he reached the wall. He jumped up, lifting himself up onto it, and over, down on the other side. Once, down he crept about again till he was a small distance away, then he broke into a run.
“Alright, let’s see what we’ve got…” Ted mumbled as he empied his bag on the floor of his home or cave. On the floor was a pile of various things, all looking expensive.

Ted smirked. “Looks promising…” he muttered as he started to sort the pile. It was mostly your typical things. Candlestick holders, jewelry, plates and silverware. He had grabbed anything that had looked expansive. Ted picked up a crystal the side of his fist. “Huh…I bet this is worth tons!” he looked to the ‘door’ of his home.  “After a nap I’ll head somewhere to sell this junk off. Then, I can get some good food!”

Smiling happily, Ted grabbed his blanket and laid down near the fire he had started earier. “Sleep time…”
Ted smiled, as he arrived in the nearby town, his bag slung over his shoulder.  “Okay…I’ll see Thomas and get some cash for this junk…” he thought as he walked glancing about at the various shops and people about.

Finally, he stopped before an rather beat up looking small shop. Ted went right to the door, opening it, and heading inside.

Inside, the shop seemed even smaller. In the center of the room was a small counter where business was done. All around, were various shelfs filled with all kinds of things. Jewerly, weapons, armor, almost anything you may want. Ted walked up to the counter smirking as he slammed his hand roughly down on the silver bell, but he didn’t stop, he kept on ringing it and ringing it.

“Knock it off! I’m coming!” someone shouted.

Ted still smirking, kept right on ringing the bell.

There was a curse, as someone came stomping into the room from behind the counter. A boy who looked around the same age as Ted with brown hair, cut short. He shot a glare at Ted, growling. “Ted! I should of known! Who else would be so rude?!”

Ted gave a laugh. “Oh, so sorry to pull you from you silly books. Aren’t you supposed to out here to begin with?”

“Hmph, quiet.” The boy said crossing his arms. “You got business, or no life?”

“Of course I got business. Why else would I be here, Tom?”

The boy gave a growl. “Its Thomas and you know it!” he snapped.

Ted gave another laugh. “Same thing…anyway…” he took his bag and pulled out the things he had recently “received.”

Thomas raised an eyebrow. “Huh…not too bad!” he quickly started picking up some of the items and examining them. “Very good quality stuff…these plates are beautiful…and these look like real silver too…the jewelry good quality too even! And…oh?” Thomas had spotted the large crystal. He picked it up looking it over. “Wow…this…its amazing…I-“

“What you’ve got there, Thomas?”

Thomas jumped, turning around. Behind him, was an older man. He sighed. “Its just business, father.”

Thomas’ father raised an eyebrow. “What more thieving?” he eyed the crystal. “That looks like…”

Ted clenched his fists glaring. “Its business!” he jumped over the counter landing on his feet. He went over to Thomas snatching the crystal from his hand. He shoved it in his bag, along with the rest of his things. He turned glaring. “I guess I’ll do business elsewhere!” he growled before he leaped back over the counter and stomped out, slamming the door behind him. Outside Ted stomped away from the shop, furious. “Jerk! He always does that!” he fumed as he walked or rather stomped down the street intending to head home.


Ted stopped turning around, though he already knew who was calling for him. He turned to see Thomas running toward him. Exactly who he knew it’d be. He said nothing, but he did stand there and wait for Thomas to catch up.

Thomas finally made it over to Ted a little out of breath. “Ted…I’m sorry…about father.” He said in between breaths.

Ted sighed looking away. “…Wasn’t you.” He grumbled, his tone cold. He was still rather angered.

“Well, I’m still sorry.” Thomas said shaking his head. “He had no right to say that.”

Ted gave a shrug, saying nothing further.

“Look, let’s go somewhere and I can take a look at your stuff. Father may not approve, but I will always do business with you.”

Ted blinked looking at Thomas. He gave a small smile. “…Thanks, Tom.”

Thomas frowned. “Its Thomas.” He said firmly. “Come on. We’ll get a bite at the tavern.
“Okay, so lets see again.” Thomas said after he and Ted had gotten settled at a table and were waiting for their food.

Ted silently took his bag and emptied it of his spoils again.

Thomas started checking everything over again, also silent as he did so. “Well, everything is extremely good quality. I can get you a good deal on them. The plates probably around fifty. The silver probably around one hundred. Probably more for some of the jewelry. As for this…” he said as he picked up the crystal. “…Its hard to say. I can’t say what its made of exactly, but its gogious, and I’m sure its worth a lot…just…hard to say how much…and may even be too much for us to pay for…” Thomas sighed shaking his head. “Maybe someone else could appraise it better…” he looked up at Ted. “I can’t buy it…I wish I could, but I don’t feel right about it. But I can and will buy the rest.”

Ted sighed then nodded. “Alright…” he said. Well least everything else was sellable…not too bad…

“Later we can head back and I can get you your money.” Thomas said smiling.

“Sounds good.” Ted said with a nod.
Ted yawned as he laid on the floor of his home. He smiled feeling nice and content. He had been able to get a lot for his things. More then usual.
Glad I decided to hit the castle…made so much! He thought happily. He gave another yawn as he rolled onto his side drifting off to sleep.
“Gone?! What do you mean gone?!”

“I…I don’t know, father. I went to go look at it, and its…not there.”

In a large throne room stood an older man, wearing fancy robes and a crown and a young boy dressed in slightly simplier clothes.

“How can it just vanish?!” the man, the king of the castle ranted. “Impossible!”

“I don’t know, father.” The boy sighed.

“I want it found! I want every corner of this castle searched!”

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Megan's Writings

Post by Princess MeowsePad » 4 months ago

Very interesting! Any plans to continue this sometime? :3
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Megan's Writings

Post by Megan » 4 months ago

Princess MeowsePad wrote:
4 months ago
Very interesting! Any plans to continue this sometime? :3
Not really sure honestly. XD

Here's a short story I did some years back.

"The Stranger"
The rain kept pouring and pouring down upon the poor old house. It seemed it would never end. The family was huddled in the living room as a flash of lightning was seen which was followed by thunder. The children cried out in fear. Suddenly there was a knock upon the door.

                “Who could that be…?” James, the husband, and man of the ho0use grumbled as he reluctantly moved away from the fire and his family. He walked to the door and opened it slightly. He was met with a young boy dressed all in black whom looked rather battered. “…H…hello?”

                The boy gave a weak smile. “…Hello. I hate to trouble you, but could I come in. It’s awful out here!” before James could respond he had shoved his foot in the door and with great strength forced it open and was already walking instead.

                James shocked opened his mouth to respond, but froze as he got a better look at the boy. He was huge! He was tall with large bulky muscles. James gulped. “…O…of course…”

                “Thank you very much!” the man said smirking as he sat down in James’ spot on the couch near the fire.

                James wife Marie jumped up and went to James glaring. “James!” she whispered showing her disapproval upon her face.
                James sighed. “I know…let’s just deal with it till the storms over.”

                James taking his wife’s hand led her back to the fire. The boy was just taking off his soaked black cloak and was tossing it to the clean floor. Marie twitched as she watched this.

                Almost as if the boy knew he looked at Marie giving her a smirk. “It’s horrid out there! Soaked me good…” he mumbled.

                Upon closer inspection the family saw that the boy had long black hair and was dressed in yet more black clothes. He wore a long sleeved shirt with matching black pants, black boots, and black gloves. However, the clothes appeared to be extremely good quality. The man also had a sword strapped to his side, and a rather large one at that. The children stared at the sword their eyes wide.

                “…S…so what is your name?” James asked as he eyed the sword nervously.

                “Me? I’m Clive!” the boy replied that awful smirk still upon his face.

                James nodded. “…So you got caught in the storm, Clive?”

                Clive nodded. “Thought for sure I could make it before it came, guess I was wrong!” Clive then gave a booming freighting laugh which caused the children to whimper and huddle closer together.

                “…I…I see…” James gulped.

                Marie glared at Clive. “And where are you going?” she questioned. It was obvious she wanted him to go wherever he was headed right that minute.
                Clive looked to Marie still smirking. “That is for me to know.”

                Marie opened her mouth to object, but James put a hand on her shoulder shaking his head.

                “Dear, it’s not our business.” James said his eyes still upon Clive’s sword.

                Clive nodded. “You’re right. Its not.” one of the children, Sam was his name lightly touched Clive’s sword. Quick as a flash Clive shot a glare at the child causing him to squeal in fear. “And what do you think you’re doing, child?!” he hissed.

                Sam whimpered and ran to Marie for comfort. This seemed to amuse Clive, and gave another booming laugh.

                “Scared you, boy? Good! You should never touch a man’s sword…” Clive shook his head. “But I can see why you did!” to everyone’s horror Clive unsheathed the great big sword the silver blade glinting in the fire light. “A beauty isn’t it? Best smiths made it for me…my most prized possession! I’d kill anyone without a second thought that harmed it!”

                Sam quickly started to shiver badly. “Mama!”

                Marie hugged Sam tightly. “Shhh…he doesn’t mean it, dear.”

                Clive looked at Marie frowning, a serious expression upon his face. “But I do, mam. I would do just that if anything happened to it.”

                “…I…” Marie gulped looking for words.

                James put his hand on his wife’s shoulder again. “A man gets protective over ones belongings.”

                Clive nodded eagerly. “Yes, yes!” he slapped James on the shoulder with such force he was gasping for breath. “See? Now, this man knows much of this world!”

                James gave a weak laugh. “…I…I suppose.”

                Clive smirked. “How about we see how much you know of fighting?”

                James’ face went white, as did the whole family’s. “…W…w…what?!”

                Clive stood up sheathing his sword. “Sure! Just some hand to hand…be a great way to pass the time! And a show for your family! Come on now!”
                James looked to his wife for help, but there was none there. Slowly he stood up. “…I…I…”

                However Clive wasn’t paying attention. He was already in a fighting stance. “Come on, old man! Let’s go!”

                James lost for words slowly nodded and tried to get into a stance. Truthfully, he didn’t know how to fight. He just copied Clive’s stance not knowing what else to do.

Marie meanwhile was looking around trying to find an answer. She gasped looking out the window.  “Oh! Look! The storm’s over!” she cried hoping to stop the fight.

                Clive blinked and stood up straight as he looked out the window. “Oh! So it is!” he looked back to James. “Well, that’s certainly a shame! I guess we can’t have our fun, for I should be on my way.”

                Gulping James nodded letting out a sigh of relief. “…Oh…w…what a shame…”

                Clive bent down and picked up his wet cloak and put it back on. He walked right over to the door with James right behind him. He turned to James that smirk back on his face. “My thanks for housing me! Here, for your trouble!” Clive bent closer and whispered. “If you require anything come to Light castle and I’ll see to it! Just ask for prince Clive.” then he opened the door and dashed out, and was gone within seconds. He apparently possessed great speed as well.

                Marie stood up and walked over to her husband. “Well, what did he give you?” she questioned.

                James wide eyed held up a large pouch. “…G…gold! There’s hundreds in here!” he cried holding it out to his wife.

                “What?! Oh my! H…how…he must be a thief!” Marie cried.

                James shook his head. “…I…no…he’s…he’s prince Clive of Light kingdom!” he exclaimed.

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