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Books and Quills Magazine

Post by Juneberry » 1 week ago

Though it's not officially intended to be a blog, it has a blog-like vibe to it according to one of our readers. Books and Quills Magazine is a mix of things: It's a site for readers to learn about new books and read interviews with authors and then some; it's a site for writers to get tips and ideas to help them reach their goals in the writing world; and, finally, it's a literary magazine where people can submit their work to be published in our magazine!

We're a bit small right now, but we're steadily growing- and we host all sorts of things on social media to help promote writers, bring readers together, and just generally make a haven for writers and readers alike.

Please give us a chance and take a look at some of our variety of articles and book reviews! And, if you like it, please never hesitate to leave a comment on one of our pieces- we love interacting with our readers!

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Re: Books and Quills Magazine

Post by Princess MeowsePad » 1 week ago

Wow, I love the design of the site. :D
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