Lynching and other Disturbing Topics

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Lynching and other Disturbing Topics

Post by jasony » 3 months ago

No offense to anyone who is offended.

Back in the day, blacks were all seen as potential child molesters *Well actually rapists, maybe sometimes child molesters) - and see how child molesters are dearly beloved on social media (LOL).

But, anyway, many act bad in a society - and have acted bad - but the whole is punished for the bad deeds of a few. It's kind of like in Korea where GIs would rape or kill a Korean - probably a female, and they would backlash with huge marches and general hate toward foreigners they think are American.

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Re: Lynching and other Disturbing Topics

Post by slooroo » 3 months ago

Lynching was the vigilante justice of the south long ago and despite common belief it wasn't only against blacks. The only lynching that ever occurred in my county was to a white man who escaped prison and the residents of a town captured him and lynched him, disobeying police orders of just holding him until the police arrives. Not to say lynching was a good thing but it basically formed out of the south turning into total anarchy after the Civil War because the Union Army wasn't properly policing the south and essentially forcing locals to take law enforcement into their own hands. In fact it's not even controversial to say lynching began as a questionable but not necessarily evil meaning practice. It just eventually warped.

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