All Elite Wrestling

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All Elite Wrestling

Post by slooroo » 1 week ago

So I didn't watch any of the PPVs because I'm poor but the tv premiere was on last night and overall I'll give a 7 out of 10.

Cody vs Sammy was a bit dull at first but got better the more the match went on. Seeing Jericho whip Cody after was fun.

The Jay and Silent Bob segment was eh. I do like Private Party but I wish they actually wrestled that night.

MJF vs Cutler was freaking awful. MJF making fun of nerds is funny but the match was too short and MJF didn't even attempt any new insults.

The promo with SCU and Lucha Bros was pretty entertaining.

Hangman Page vs PAC was really solid but it was kinda long. PAC is definitely going to be a main guy for the company in the coming months.

Riho vs Nyla Rose actually went much differently than I expected. I honestly expected AEW to have Nyla win for easy social justice points by going HERE IS OUR FIRST TRANSGENDER CHAMPION!!!! Instead Riho won and Nyla had a pretty good heel move after. Kenny saving Riho also got a lot of cheering. Again the match was kinda long. I also feel like Riho's attacks weren't well coordinated at first.

The Elite vs Jericho/LAX of course was interrupted by Elite's leader Kenny Omega being attacked by Jon Moxley which was entertaining. That said I'm wondering if Moxley is just going to do his Dean Ambrose character but with a new promotion. The Young Bucks did their thing and LAX/Jericho were really fun to watch. Seeing Jericho bring up Jack Hager and Sammy Guevara and having a squad of heels whip the entire main good guy roster was a fun way to end the show.

Jim Ross and Tony were awesome at commentary. Some of the matches had screw ups but nothing so awful it ruined the show. The worst part I think is AEW's attitude of everyone already knowing what's going on. That's a horrible mindset to take for their tv debut. They really should've dedicated some time to introducing the wrestlers and their motivations to the tv audience, most who aren't going to know Kenny Omega's successful Japanese career or that PAC was a rising star in the indie scene. Overall it was fun though and I'll give the show a chance for a few weeks.

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